Our trajectory
  • 2003

    The beginning: elaboration of the first Alto de los Zorros, wine.

  • 2006

    In June 2006, we bought the company Agro Roa, owner of 32ha of vineyard, farm tools and own staff, who took care of the vines.

  • 2009

    We started the construction of the winery in 2008. Its total architecture was finished in 2009. This year, qualified as an excellent harvest, when we started to make our wines in our own facilities.

  • 2011

    We are looking for wines with their own personality, easy to recognize in the Spanish wine market, so complex and competitive. For this reason , we started in 2011 a research project, pioneer in the world. This project, with a budget close to one million euros, is based on the planting of aromatic-medicinal plants (thyme, rosemary, oregano, lavender ...) between the vineyard lines to see the impact that those plants have on the aromas and taste of the wines.

  • 2015

    Once that the research project was finished, with satisfactory results, we continue the research studying the influence of the aromatic plants during the aging of the wine. And we have initiated another project: the control of the most terrible disease of the vineyard, the cluster moth (lobesia botrana). We have increased the capacity for elaboration up to 600,000 kg of grapes. We have also co, increasing our capacity to produce 600,000 kg of grapes. We have improved the vineyard and started the internationalization of our wines.

  • 2016 and successive years

    Since 2016 and following years we continue doing a great effort in research, because we consider that it is the way to elaborate wines with its own personality. On the other hand, our diary work will focus on two major objectives: improving and expanding distribution (in national and international markets) and increase our vineyard until approximately 40 ha.